As previously announced by email the committee have called a Special General Meeting to be held on Saturday 1100 24th March 2018 at Cricket Club Pavilion to vote on changes to the club constitution which are necessary for our  application for a Club Premises Certificate – which will  allow us to sell alcohol at the cricket pavilion after matches.

The 3 motions for discussion are attached below.

We will need a minimum of 15 members to be quorate.

Please make an effort to come in time for an 11o’clock start. I think the business should take 20-30 minutes at most.

Motion 1

To add a new subsection (3d) to the Membership section of the clubs constitution.

“There will be a minimum interval of two days between submission of a completed membership application form and admission to the club with use of club facilities.”

NB - this will not prevent invited guest players from playing for a team at short notice (e.g. as part of the player loan scheme) and being covered by the clubs insurance.

Motion 2.

To add a new subsection (7e) to the Duties of the Committee

“To appoint and receive reports from a Bar Committee to oversee the purchase and sale of alcohol to club members and guests under the auspices of the Club Premises Certificate.”

Motion 3.

To add an entire new section (Section 8) regarding the running of the bar.

a)     The club shall appoint a Bar Committee comprising 3 or 4 elected club officers (aged over 18) to oversee maintenance of the Club Premises Certificate and the running of the bar.

b)     The Bar Committee will oversee purchase of alcohol for re-sale and ensure its safe storage in a locked fridge or locked store cupboard.

c)      Alcohol for the bar may only be purchased by a member of the Bar Committee.

d)     Keys to access the locked fridge and store cupboard will only be issued to the Bar Committee but can be delegated to team captains.

e)     Opening and closure of the bar will be the responsibility of a member of the bar committee or a team captain.  Timings will be strictly in accordance with those set out in the Club Premises Certificate .

f)       Alcohol will only be sold to full club members and their guests.

g)     Alcohol will only be supplied to members and guests over 18 . Where there is doubt regarding a persons age alcohol will only be supplied on production of supporting photo-identification.

h)     Alcohol may only be consumed within the club pavilion or the area outside between the front of the pavilion and the boundary of the playing area.

i)       Members will be expected to behave politely and responsibly at all times respecting other club members and guests and the villagers of Sway. Anyone transgressing will immediately be ask to leave by the senior club member present and will be referred to the club committee for consideration of further measures (see Section 13).

j)       Bar accounts will be kept by the club treasurer as a separate item within the club’s accounts and will be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

k)     Profits obtained from bar sales will be used solely for the benefit of the club (eg purchase of equipment, professional coaching etc) or for charitable or benevolent purposes.

l)       All decisions regarding use of bar profits will be made at the AGM based on the suggestions of club members and confirmed by voting.