Sun November 27th 2016

Old photos - can you help us?

 We have found a number of old photos in the archives of our Treasurer....and as is often the case, there is nothing written on the back. In fact we cannot be 100% they are of Sway CC but we think they are.

Can you help us identify any of the people or locations in these photos? Any ideas please email

Photo 1

This picture shows a fancy dress game between Sway CC players and their wives taken at the "Old Cricket Field" at the Jubilee Oak.

Judging by the ladies blouses, it would seem to have been some time in the late 40s or early 50s.

Photo 2

This is clearly a picture of a Sway player due to the "G Kempson - Sway" trestle in the background.

Any ideas whose this tanned young man is?

This looks like the old Pitmore Lane pavilion during construction, in which case the picture was taken in the late 1940s.

Photo 3

Any ideas? Not Pitmore could this be the Old Cricket Ground which was used previously.

Building in the background looks more like an open sided shed than a pavilion - anyone remember this? Looks 1930s/1940s.

Photo 4

Any ideas? Could this picture have been taken at the Old Cricket Ground where Jubilee Court is now? Both bats are marked "RC" or "RG".

The lad sitting second left seems to be wearing a military belt - so guessing the photo is 1940s. Are you the little boy?!?

Photo 5

There is what looks like a cellar trapdoor to the left of this picture so guessing it is a pub....but its not the Hare & Hounds or the Forest Heath.

Any ideas?

Photo 6

Thanks to the Drayton family, we have most of the names in this photo: 


Back Row L-R:   Unknown umpire, Bill Loveless, T Bence, Unknown, Ken Lance, Unknown

Middle Row L-R:    Eddie Rickman, Arthur Drodge, Bert Plumley, Peter Wright, George Blackwell (Capt)

Front Row L-R:  Billy Jenkins, Gaythorne Kemper, Michael Rickman

This photograph appeared in Sway News in the 1980s as part of an article written by an A R Bence - see below. Does anyone recall Mr Bence?