As some of you may know we are in the process of migrating out results and statistics on to the ECB's Play-Cricket system. The plan is to replicate the 2017 season on both systems, then move to Play-Cricket for 2018.

The existing database kindly developed, maintained and supported by Sway legend John Wills has served us very well over the years and has been a highly valued asset of the club. However, for several reasons and a heavy heart we need to change. Willsy has now retired and cannot manitain the system or easily make changes, corrections or new developments. Also the 1st XI are only one promotion away from having to use Play-Cricket as a league condition. Ultimately, we may look to using the the Total Cricket Scorer app which allows direct upload of scorecards into the system.

To get the ball moving, all the 2017 1st XI games have now been entered on Play-Cricket - please feel free to go in have a look and let me know any errors, additions etc. Other teams to follow.

Click on "Matches" then "Results" then use  the filters to select "2017 season" and "1st XI"

Also, one big feature of the system is that it can track players through all the other clubs they might have played for - I think I have linked many of you to any previous clubs, but if you spot anything that needs doing, let me know.

Finally the plan is to have a play-cricket admin person for each of our 4 league teams - if you fancy volunteering, let me know. Not too onerous as about 50% of the games are now entered by the opposition, so all that is needed to do is to check, correct, confirm etc.

As with any relational database, you get out what you put in - so if players want to know their strike rates or % of boundaries hit etc then someone needs to enter this information from the scorecard. Feel free to step up to the crease!