December 26th 2016

2017 Hampshire Cricket League Fixtures announced!

An early Christmas present for local cricket fans!

Newly promoted Sway 1st XI will start their campaign in CD2 with a tough but attractive fixture at Bramshaw. Sway will have the chance to avenge the 3 wicket defeat suffered back in 2015.

......and to keep it local, Sway II will also play Bramshaw, hosting their 2nds at Jubilee Field. Bramshaw II secured an additional promotion from RD2 in 2016, finishing with a 5&8 record.

For the 2nd season in a row, Sway 3rd XIs will play Fawley, this time at Pennington. Sway will have a chance to avenge their 2016 defeat to the oilers!

Sway 4th team skipper Derek Seward will have a stress free opening  weekend as the 4ths have no game, hosting Bashley V at Pennington the following week.

1st XI County Division 2 Previous Result Position '16
May 6 Bramshaw v Sway 2015 - L by 3w 13th CD2
May 13 Sway v Easton & Martyr W 2015 - L by 47r (NVC) 11th CD2
May 20 Ferndown Wayfarers v Sway Never played 1st team 3rd CD3S
May 27 Sway v Andover II Never played 17th CD1
June 3 Sway v Locks Heath Never played 1st team 10th CD2
June 10 Bournemouth II v Sway Never played 2nd team 6th CD2
June 17 Sway v Parley 2016- L by 7w 1st CD3S
June 24 Basingstoke & NH III v Sway Never played 9th CD2
July 1 East Woodhay v Sway Never played 1st CD3N
July 8 Sway v Fair Oak II 2014 - W by 29r 12th CD2
July 15 Totton & Eling II v Sway Never played 2nd team 18th CD1
July 22 Sway v Petersfield Never played 4th CD2
July 29 Compton & C Ford v Sway Never played 5th CD2
August 5 Ellingham v Sway Never played 1st team 16th CD1
August 12 Sway v Redlynch & Hale 2012 - W by 5w 2nd CD3N
August 19 Bedhampton v Sway Never played 8th CD2
August 26 Sway v Old Basing Never played 7th CD2

Plenty of new club encounters for Sway:

First time ever for:

 Andover, Basingstoke & North Hants, East Woodhay, Petersfield, Compton & Chandlers Ford, Old Basing.

First league encounter:

Bedhampton & Easton & Martyr Worthy


2nd XI RD1 South West   Previous Result Position '16
May 6 Sway II v Bramshaw II Never played 2nd team 8th RD2W
May 13 Bransgore II v Sway II 2014 - L by 30r 10th RD1W
May 20 Sway II v Christchurch 2008 - W by 3w 7th RD2W
May 27 Hythe & Dibden III v Sway II Never played 3rd team 5th RD2W
June 3 Godshill v Sway II 2016 - L by 59r 4th RD1W
June 10 Sway II v Bashley (Rydal) IV   6th RD2W
June 17 No Game        
June 24 Sway II v Lymington III 2013 - W by 5w 17th CD4S
July 1 Sway II v Damerham 2016 - W by 23r 8th RD1W
July 8 Ferndown W'farers II v Sway II Never played 2nd team 1st CD3S
July 15 Sway II v Brockenhurst 2016 - L by 4w 12th RD1W
July 22 New Milton III v Sway II 2016 - L by 4w 6th RD1W
July 29 Sway II v Breamore 2016 - W by 2w 3rd RD1W
August 5 Sway II v Winton II Never played 2nd team 7th RD1W
August 12 Parley II v Sway II 2016 - L by 9w 13th RD1W
August 19 Sway II v Mudeford II 2016 - W by 87r 14th RD1W
August 26 Lyndhurst & Ashurst v Sway II 2016 - W by 2w 5th RD1W

3rd XI RD2 South West   Previous Result Position '16
May 6 Sway III v Fawley III 2016 - L by 53 runs 7th
May 13 Cadnam II v Sway III Never played 2nd team 16th (RD1)
May 20 Bournemouth IV v Sway III 2012 - L by 7w 2nd (RD4SW)
May 27 Sway III v East Christchurch Never played 18th (RD1)
June 3 Pylewell Park II v Sway III 2012 - L by 5w 13th (RD2)
June 10 Sway III v Hyde Never played 1st team 17th (RD1)
June 17 New Milton IV v Sway III 2016 - W by 92 runs 11th
June 24 Sway III v Suttoners II 2013 - L by 135 runs 18th (CD4S)
July 1 Ringwood v Sway III Never played 1st team 14th (RD2)
July 8 Dorset Indians v Sway III Never played 10th (RD2)
July 15 Sway III v Milford on Sea 2015 - L by 56 runs 1st (RD4SW)
July 22 No Game        
July 29 Paultons III v Sway III 2015 - W by 6w 6th (RD3S)
August 5 Sway III v Brockenhurst II 2015 - L by 84 runs 4th
August 12 Beaulieu v Sway III 2014 - L by 8w 11th (RD2)
August 19 Sway III v Verwood II 2016 - W by 4w 8th
August 26 No Game        

Somewhat bizarre line-up for Sway 3rds in 2017 - the new season will see teams from 4 different levels in the pyramid coming together. Suttoners II had an unsuccessful season right up in CD4 will join Milford and Bournemouth who spent 2016 in RD4SW up against Sway 4ths.

4th XI RD3 South West   Previous Result Position '16
May 6 No Game        
May 13 Sway IV v Bashley (Rydal) V Never played 13th (RD3W)
May 20 Sway IV v Hyde II 2010 - L by 110 runs 2nd (RD3W)
May 27 Langley Manor IV v Sway IV Never played 16th (RD3S)
June 3 Sway IV v Cadnam III Never played 13th (RD4NW)
June 10 Parley III v Sway IV 2016 - L by 154 runs 5th
June 17 Sway IV v Lymington IV 2016 - L by 282 runs 3rd
June 24 No Game        
July 1 Sway IV v Ferndown W'farers III 2016 - L by 26 runs 12th
July 8 Sway IV v Mudeford III 2016 - W by 4w 9th
July 15 Christchurch II v Sway IV 2016 - L by 138 runs 10th
July 22 Hythe & Dibden IV v Sway IV 2014 - W by 3w 6th
July 29 Sway IV v Bransgore III 2016 - L by 5 runs 4th
August 5 Hordle Village v Sway IV 2016 - W by 2w 8th
August 12 Sway IV v Burley II 2013 - L by 7w 14th (RD3W)
August 19 Lyndhurst & Ashurst II v Sway IV 2016 - L by 6w 7th
August 26 Sway IV v Ellingham III 2015 - L by 196 runs 17th (RD3W)

Hyde II's who finished runners up in RD3W, for some reason have dropped down a division - but on the basis of their performance against Sway III in 2016, they are likely to be the team to beat.