13th April 2016


More pointless statistics!!

More number crunching has revealed the most successful wicket takers against Sway. No surprises at the top, where the nagging swing bowling of Fawley's Ian McElhenney has accounted for a massive 38 Sway wickets.

In 2nd place with 32 wickets snaffled over the course of a decade is Ellingham's Chairman, Richard Hough.

In third place is Verwood's legendary player over 40 years, Mike Howells who sadly passed away in 2012.

Mike Howells - Verwood's record wicket taker.

A relative youngster, New Milton's Kristian Locke is in 4th place with 29 wickets - and plenty of years left to move up the table.


1 I McElhenney Fawley 38
2 R Hough Ellingham 32
3 M Howells Verwood 30
4 K Locke New Milton 29
5 C Cooper Ringwood 28
6 R Fry Milford 25
7 D Thompson Verwood 24
8 L Henry Hordle 23
9 N Gossip New Milton 23
10 M Day Ringwood 23
11 D Hopkins Suttoners 22
12 A Varney Hordle 20
13 N Shrive Fawley 19
14 R Otterwell Mudeford 19
15 R Dawson New Milton 18
16 M Kefford Pennington 18
17 R Holbrook Centurians 17
18 A Dunning Cadnam 16
19 B Jerram Camelot 15
20 G Royal Camelot 15
21 A Booth Hordle 15
22 L DiMaria Lymington 15
23 C Walford Milford 15
24 C Beckingham  Wherwell 15
25 P Burgess Centurians 14
26 N Curtis Ellingham 14
27 D Brown Milford 14
28 P Miller Pennington 14
29 J Williamson Pennington 14
30 S Pallister Pylewell 14
31 T Melbourne Ringwood 14
32 Bob Westwood  Alderholt 13
33 G Livermore Exbury 13
34 M De St Aubin Hordle 13
35 S Howell Hordle 13
36 W Effeny Hythe 13
37 R Moore Hythe 13


And for a bit of fun, we have looked at who are the leading current or former Sway players in terms of the most Sway wickets taken......:

Bowler Wickets Sway Victims
Mike Race 21 Batchelor, D
  Charton, FJ
  David, N
  Drayton, S 
  Glasspool, A
  Hillyar, A
  Hurrell, D x 2
  Jayarajah, J
  Lee, A
  Locke, D
  Marshall, J
  Seward, D
  Smith, C
  Steadman, D
  Steadman, M x 2
  Stevenson, D
  Thistleton, S
  Wilkie, N
  Wright, M
Dennis Batchelor 16 Baughan, C
  Baughan, W x 2
  Bennett, P
  Crumpton, S
  Glasspool, A
  Grasham, J
  How, R x 2
  Lee, A
  Prince, N
  Smith, C
  Steadman, M
  Steadman, R
  Stone, I
  Willson, S
Sean Tranter 14 Atapattu, N
  Clark, A x 2
  Clark, R
  Forbes, D
  Grasham, J
  Hall, A
  Hillyar, A
  How, S
  Hurrell, D
  Lawrence, P
  Locke, D
  Marden, L
  Symons, L
Ross Clark 10 Drayton, S 
  Hall, A
  How, R
  Lee, A x 2
  Osborne, C
  Straw, A
  Symons, L
  Harvey, S x 2
Kevan Cresswell 9 Gunn, R
  Stainer, B
  Atapattu, N
  Grasham, J x 2
  Hannibal, S
  How, S
  Jones, B
  Atapattu, N
Steve Drayton 9 Corder, N
  Farquhar, D
  Harris, G
  Hillyar, A
  Owen, T
  Baughan, J
  Bennett, P
  Lewis, G
  Beeston, B
Malik Kudmany 9 Falso, V
  Marshall Oscar
  Stevenson, D
  Brearley, J
  Drayton, S 
  Hammett, P
  How, R
  Atapattu, N
  Jones, B
Jon Waller 9 Hall, A
  Marshall, D
  Grasham, J x 2
  Steadman, T
  Wright, M
  Nailor, S
  Walton, J
  Drayton, S 


Finally, the roll of shame for the Sway batsmen that have been dismissed in a match by moonball king, Dave Hurrell:

Rodway, J
Stevenson, D
Symons, L
Todd, C
Hillyar, A x 2