4th February 2016


Wizard appointed to youth role

Sway Cricket Club is delighted to announce that former Spin Wizard now Bat Wizard Chris straw has been appointed to our new Youth Representative role.

With our 115 junior members now significantly outnumbering our adult members, there was a feeling amongst the Committee that the views and ideas of our younger members were not necessarily feeding up the line. The idea behind the creation of this role was to identify an individual who was young enough to identify with, and garner the views of the junior members, but also be mature enough and have the maturity, credibility  (& stamina!) to communicate these views to Committee meetings.

Chris is undoubtedly well qualified for this role. He has only just finished his years as a colts and is a well-known and popular figure amongst both youngsters and adults alike. He should be an inspiration to all youngsters - frankly in his early years as a colts he was by his own admission, not the greatest. However, he loved every minute of his cricket always playing with a smile on his and is now a valued member of our adult league teams and continues to improve every year making his debut for the 2nd XI in 2015.  Chris is also a mainstay and frequent skipper of our merry band of midweek & Sunday friendly crickets and continues to love every minute of his cricket.

Chris after is record breaking 6 wickets for 5 runs as an U11.