24th December 2015

Big step forward for Sway CC


The Club is delighted to announced that it has secured the services of professional coaches for BOTH colts and adult training sessions.

Whilst this is not new for our colts sessions, this will be first time that such coaching will be on offer at our adult training. There was a feeling within the Committee that the existing adult training sessions had become lacklustre and unstructured. This problem combined with the fact that many younger players cease getting any coaching once they leave the colts teams and that for most of the older adults, their either never had any proper coaching or it was many decades ago and long forgotten!

The idea is to provide more structured training sessions for those that want to partake - in addition to bowling and batting coaching, to work on fielding and running between the wickets - that extra run per over or catch successfully take could and probably does make the difference between winning and losing on a Saturday!

Sway 1st team skipper Alex Hall was spoke enthusiastically about the development:

"I've notice that throughout our four teams that a lack or rotation of the strike - this is such a big factor in the captain's ability to defend a total for or against. As for fielding, basic judging of catches and footwork getting into position needs improvement and any drills to improve this crucial area of the game will be a great help".

For the adult training we are pleased to announce that we have secured the services of UKCC2+ coach Andy Harris. Andy is no stranger to Sway CC - he coached Sway Ladies to T20 Plate glory last season and will also continue in this role for 2016.

Andy has existing coaching roles with in the New Forest Junior Cricket Association and with the Hampshire Cricket Board.

It is hoped that as many people as possible will attend the sessions  (9 weeks from Friday 29th January 2016 at Brockenhurst College 7.30pm - 9pm) and will take advantage of his advice to work on your game.

New players, both old and young, are of course most welcome!

For our colts sessions (10 weeks from 6th Feb to 9th April 2016 at Brockenhurst College) we have again secured the assistance of Graham Doddsworth who will be able to assist the Club's own coaches at these sessions.

Doddsy is a hugely experienced and respected cricket coach having coached at many levels at club and representative level.