3rd December 2015


Young guns fire Sway to victory!

For the indoor match against high-flying Parley E Sway B skipper Steve Drayton certainly put his faith in the hands of the club's young guns when the combined age of four of them (Luke Lewis, Tom Burton, Daniel & Joshua Bailey) at 54 years was a mere fraction of the sum of the 2 seniors (Steve & Pete B)!!

Steve also put his money where his mouth was and bowled the youngsters for 3 overs apiece while Pete took the gloves and the skipper patrolled the straight boundary wall with words of encouragement. The bowling was top-notch against some experienced batsmen and the fielding even sharper. Luke and Joshua applied some early pressure with a couple of tight overs and then Daniel was even more frugal. The Bailey spin twins had not only the batsmen but also the umpire confused as he tried and failed to keep track of their overs! The destructive wides (4 runs each!) were kept under control as Luke and Tom both picked up wickets mid-innings and sharp fielding led to a good run-out by Daniel.

With the Parley score at 126-3 off 11 overs Cool Hand Steve decided to still keep his own powder dry and entrusted the last over to Joshua's legspin.... with wides scoring not only 4 runs and also re-bowled!! Parley picked off a couple of runs and then Joshua slid one leg break just a tad wide, the next ball was also a bit leggish but as the umpire turned to signal another leg-side wide his colleague kindly pointed out the bails on the ground as the batsman had been bowled round his legs. That brought Parley's opener back out of the hutch but Joshua stayed focused and with another sharp run out off the last ball Parley were restricted to 138 for 5.

Steve stuck to his young guns as he sent Daniel and Joshua out to open. They both batted sensibly with almost telepathic running (spooky that for identical twins!) until Daniel approaching the retirement score of 25 went for a maximum and was well caught for 23. Luke came in and kept the score moving until he was out caught behind to a good ball. Tom played watchfully as Joshua pushed the score along but then Joshua was also out caught round the corner for 23 (thankfully equal bragging rights for the journey home!).

With the score just shy of 100 and no-one yet retired in the hutch Pete and Tom re-created one of their carefully crafted partnerships from last summer against some tight bowling. The 10th over was fast and straight going for just 1 run to bring the score to 122 with 2 overs to go. Parley entrusted the 11th over to their only colt and his spin was a bit more wayward than ours as Tom picked up 4 runs and then Pete sensibly left 3 wide balls. With the scores level Pete inexplicably stretched to try and hit another wide ball that would have won Sway the match and got the toe of the bat to it and was caught.

That brought skipper Steve in to finally participate and grab the glory of scoring the match-winning run as he jabbed down on the first ball of the last over and started haring towards the bowlers end, Tom belatedly realised what the skipper's cunning plan appeared to be and fortunately was fleet-footed enough to make the run to bring victory.

After the match the cheeky youngsters suggested that next time Steve should bring a deckchair. The even more senior scorer thought that the skipper was bold, brave and brilliant to put his faith in the future......... and they responded to the challenge and did him proud.