2nd August 2015


Club v Sponsors T20

The club could not have asked for better weather or a more pleasant scene at Jubilee Field for the revived Sponsors v Club annual match. The event featured old & young alike, old friends, a debut, returning stars and visiting guests and judging by the heated competition for places, the event looks set to be a permanent fixture in the cricketing calendar.

The youngsters were evenly divided between the two teams and the Club side batted first, opening the batting with George Lewis and Chris Straw. The bowling attack was Barney West in partnership with his dad David West - whose nifty spell of bowling did not go un-noticed by the skippers present in the unlikely event that the butcher ever has a Saturday afternoon off!

Barney, Harry and David West - decent bowling - no pies today!

Fresh from his big knock the previous day, Lewis was in no mood to hang around smashing a quick fire 20 before being caught. Straw did not last as long but at least did better than his golden duck the day before. Daniel Bailey perished for 8, but brother Joshua batted very well before retiring not out for 30. Guest star from Brockenhurst, Harry Grreenwood also batted well and also retired a the 30-mark. Nick Brien was run-out / timed out / substituted (delete as appropriate!) for allegedly for boring batting.There was then an adult cricket debut for Jake Olney, already the happiest cricketer in the world who was no doubt even happier after a unbeaten 9 runs. Towards the end of the innings, Catherine Allport, Michael Allport and Vito Falso kept the scoreboard ticking over as the Club finished up with a very competitive total of 166 after 22 overs.

Jake Olney - senior debut

Then followed the most delicious of teas kindly laid on by Annie Baughan with the quality of the baking almost certainly costing the Sponsors side a considerable number of runs between the wickets in the innings to follow and the rhubarb cake will live long in the memory.

Annie with the scones

Heavily laden, the sponsors went out to bat needing a challenging 8+ an over for victory. Despite some good running, there was not too many boundary balls on offer and the Sponsors top order of Niall Gallagher, Henry Marden and Dom Keen were all kept in check. Henry Marden hit some nice boundaries but was superbly caught and bowled by Joshua Bailey.  Gallagher was not able to get into his big hitting mode and was well caught behind by keeper Catherine. Special mention to former colt Dom Keen, who made a welcome return to cricket after years out of the game. Keen and Barney West both fell victim to Jake Olney who bowled an impressive debut spell.

Dom Keen - gloves back on after a long break

Chris Hammond did his best to get the Sponsors innings back on track before retiring not out as did Ryan Drayton, but whilst a few overs went at the required rate, there were no "big overs" that are usually needed in these kind of run chases. There was some rapid run-scoring by Steve Hannibal and David West was looking good and there was still hope for the Sponsors but he was run out by Steve Drayton - simultaneously downgrading the Club from premium sausages to vegetarian chipolatas! Despite a plethora of free hits the 26 or so runs needed off the final two overs proved too much for even for in-form Pete Bennet and the Sponsors and they fell a few runs short - but in in the event not too many people noticed or were too bothered as it had been a most enjoyable event.

A big thank you of course to the sponsors for their continuing support and to the Chairman Chris Baughan for organising the event. Also thanks to Harry Greenwood for coming over from Brockenhurst (Harry - how about a Sway v Brock T20? - we have 7 or 8 young Brocksters at least)  Thanks to Annie for the teas and to Nikki, Dennis & John B for umpiring - and taking the girls out in the middle to shadow umpire. Finally thanks to Andy for providing a great surface for the game.

Club & Sponsors 2015