20th October 2014

Bonus Colts Training Sessions!

The Club will be running its usual indoor colts training sessions from February (details TBA) but EXTRA sessions have been arranged as follows:

Tues 4th November for 6 weeks
Walhampton School
19:30 – 20.30 (U9s – U11s)
20:30-21.30 (U12s – U15s)
Cost £2 per session.

So what’s this all about?

Sway Cricket Club is committed to trying to ensure that all youngsters have the opportunity to reach their full potential in the sport – whatever that standard ultimately is. At higher levels, cricket can be a very technical sport the Club’s current volunteer coaches will be the first to acknowledge that they might not be knowledgeable about the more technical aspects of say spin bowling, wicket-keeping or in correcting tricky problems with batting or bowling technique.

To this end, the Club has decided that the next stage in its development is to bring in some support from experienced professional coaches. The objective is two-fold: firstly for the benefit of those who need the specialist skills or have more technical issues, and secondly to allow the volunteer coaches, through observation to acquire these skills.

After an informal trial and consultation this summer, Club has decided to work with two highly experienced coaches to deliver these sessions – Graham Dodsworth and Steve Wallis. Graham has decades of experience as a cricket coach and is currently the Head Coach for the Hampshire Disability team. Steve also works with Hants Disability squad and together with Graham put on many courses for the HCB such as the Zooters T20 events at the Ageas Bowl that many of Sway’s youngsters will have enjoyed.

What will this lead to?

In line with the Clubmark guidelines and following the best practice of other successful clubs, Sway CC intends to establish a Talented Player Development Program [TPDP] for our most gifted boys and girls. Those selected for this program will have access to additional subsidised coaching sessions before and during the colts season and will be set personal targets to ensure they can reach their full potential and do not “tread water”. This assistance will enable to the Club’s volunteer coaches to focus on the children where they can currently add the most value and bring on the most rapid improvement. This group will not be fixed – youngsters will be able to join the TPDP when they are ready and others, whilst selected may have other commitments that do not allow them to continue or they might decide it is not for them.

What if we can’t make the sessions?

Graham & Steve would obviously like to see as many of the youngsters as possible but of course many children will have other commitments at this time of year. The Club has, however, drawn up a provisional list of those youngsters it thinks would benefit from membership of the TPDP at the present time so will have to rely on this to begin with it attendance is not possible.

If you have any questions, Dave Marshall our Club Development Officer will be pleased to assist david.marshall@seb.co.uk