23rd September 2014

Women's team announced

Club Chairman Chris Baughan was proud to announce at the Club's annual awards ceremony that Sway CC will be running a Women's team next season.

The team will play friendlies in 2015 with a view to perhaps entering the Hampshire Cricket League Womens League in subsequent seasons.

Sway started a girls team in 2014 and part of the logic in running a women's team is to keep girls playing cricket once they leave the colts age groups as traditionally many girls drop out of the game once the only option is effectively men's competitive cricket.

It is hoped the team will be a mixture of Sway current crop of young female stars including Hampshire starlet Sara Allport along with a mixture of mums and other interested ladies. For mums it may be a chance to play sport with their daughters in the same way that dads & sons often play cricket together in the same team.

No previous cricket experience or fitness is required - the techniques are similar in many ways to those of netball & rounders - i.e. catching, throwing and hitting balls with a stick!! There will be training provided by qualified coaches over the winter so there will be chances to develop skills before the season.

The emphasis will be very much on having fun playing in the spirit of cricket.

Anyone interested in being part of something new - the only Womens cricket team in the New Forest should contact Vicki Allport by email at  v.allport@btopenworld.com

Three of Sway's current crop of fine young players......