29th July  2014


Important clarification of Hampshire League Rules

There has been the usual chatter & discussion about the Hampshire League rules on eligibility which it might be useful to clarify so our skippers fully understand the position as we come to the business end of the 2014 season:

1) Contrary to some people's understanding NO PLAYER whether a colt or an adult can play for more than one club in the Hampshire League during a season. Any misunderstanding may have been caused in part by the fact that youngsters can play colts cricket for one club and HCL cricket for another - as long as they are bona fide members of both clubs. PENALTY 20 points deduction + points gained if affect match

2) No youngsters in age groups U12 or below in the current season may play Hampshire League cricket - this is regardless of whether they have written parental permission of not. NO PLAYERS BORN AFTER 31st AUGUST 2001 ARE ELIGIBLE FOR HCL GAMES. If such a situation arises again where an opposition captain wishes to play an under-age player, the Sway skipper MUST refuse to allow this. To allow the youngster to play would potentially open the skipper personally and the Club to legal action should an accident occur even if we were not the team fielding the under age player. PENALTY 20 points deduction + points gained if affect match.

3) As at the 31st July, no club may play in a minor XI in the HCL more than 2 players who have played 8 or more games for a senior XI in that Club. PENALTY 20 points deduction + points gained if affect match.

As at the 31st July Sway 1st XI will have played 8 games (if the abandoned game with Flamingo is excluded). Walton, Hall, Atapattu, Clark & Waller have played 8 games for the 1sts as has Charton but only if Flamingo included so some clarification might be needed.

As at 31st July Sway 2nd XI have played 9 games with Marshall, Nailor and Hammond all having played 8 or more games.

Even though they are in the same division, the same rule applies to the 3rd & 4th XIs. Hence Charlie Smith, Ryan Drayton, Steve Drayton, Steve Hannibal and Steve Thistleton have all played 8 or more games for the 3rds.