Sway Cricket Club Policies and Forms

2020 Forms

Sway CC Colts Membership Form 2020

Sway CC Adult Membership Form 2020

Sway CC Ladies Membership Form 2020

Sway CC Code Of Conduct For Cricket Club Members And Guests.
Sway CC Code Of Conduct, Set Of Rules For Young People.
ECB ACO Application For Membership. (Association of Cricket Officials)
ECB Cricket Equity Policy
ECB Vetting Checks Tracking Table. (maintained by Welfare Officer)
Sway CC Incident And Or Accident Report Form. (maintained by Welfare Officer)
Sway CC Introductory Letter To Parents, Carers And Guardians.  (Membership Secretary)
Sway CC Jubilee Fields Cricket Risk Assessment
Sway CC Constitution.
ECB Fast Bowling Directive.
ECB Fielding Regulations.
ECB Guidance On Juniors Playing In Adult Matches (Note - U11s & U12s not allowed in HCL games)
ECB Guidance On Wearing Helmets (Young Players).
ECB Selecting Young Players For Adult Matches.
Emergency Instructions
ECB Association of Cricket Officials Application For Membership.
ECB Coaches Assoc Application - Credit Card Payment
ECB Affiliation Leaflet.
ECB Planning For Long Term Success Booklet
ECB "Over To You" (Girls Cricket) - how to set up girls cricket
Sway CC 'Be Involved' Poster (Coaching)
Sway CC ' Be Involved' Poster (Facilities And Grounds)
Sway CC ' Be Involved' Poster (General Volunteering)
Sway CC 'Be Involved' Poster (Partnerships)
Sway  CC 'Be Involved' Concertina Leaflet
Sway CC 'Be Involved' Postcards
ECB Safe Hands (Section 1)
ECB Safe Hands (Section 2)

ECB Safe Hands (Section 3)
One Game Pledge User Guide And Examples
Sway CC Club Mark Accreditation
 TBA !
Sway CC ECB Cricket Equity Policy