19th July 2020

Dear players & parents,

There are a number of essential new rules that must be observed to minimise the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus. These have been updated in the last week. If you (or your child/ children ) are going to play or are contemplating doing please read the ECB document below and the notes afterwards. The rules also apply to training.

Please note:
  • By putting yourself up for selection and by turning up to play you are accepting the you understand, and will abide, by the new rules
  • You are also accepting that, despite all precautions there is a small but definite risk that you may encountered COVID-19  carriers and could acquire and potentially pass on the infection.  
  •  If you are medically “vulnerable”, or are in a household with someone who is please think carefully about the pros and cons of playing cricket and make an informed decision. This has to be your decision, not the clubs. 
  •  There will be no drinks provided - remember to bring plenty with you!
To re-iterate
  • You should not play if you feel at all unwell or if you, or anyone in your household has had COVID-19 symptoms in the last week (unless you have had a negative swab test).
  • Two metres social distancing must be maintained at all times - even during wicket celebrations and breaks in play. 
  • The total gathering is restricted to 30 people - including players, scorers, umpires etc.
  • A list of names and contact details of everyone present will be kept to aid contact tracing if necessary.
  •  Spectators are not encouraged but, if present, please can they stay completely separate from the teams on another part of the boundary. Please bring your own chairs etc.
  • Players should arrive changed - there will be no access to the pavilion.
  • Players will need to provide their own drinks / tea /snacks. Remember to bring sufficient fluids to remain well hydrated. We will not provide drinks or tea.
  • Play will stop at least every 6 overs for players  to sanitise their hands and for the ball to be sanitised. Please bring wipes / hand sanitiser with you- pocket sized if possible.  
  • The fielding captain is responsible for care and cleaning of the ball. Strictly no sweat or saliva. 
  • Players are responsible for cleaning and sanitising their own kit before entering and after leaving the field of play.
  • The umpire should not touch the ball but is the only one who should touch the stumps and bails.
  • Umpires must not accept/ look after players' caps, jumpers etc - they must sort that out themselves.
  • The ball should be returned from keeper to bowler through as few hands as possible. 
  • Everyone should bring  and use their own kit. The club may be able to arrange “season-long loans”  if necessary.
  • In  the event of rain players are asked to return to their cars. We may be able to erect a gazebo but those sheltering under it must maintain 2 metre separation.

     Please also note

      • THE PAVILION WILL NOT BE OPEN (this is a Parish Council ruling) apart from the toilets which will need to be cleaned hourly.  The home captain will need to arrange/ delegate someone to do this
      • THE BAR WILL NOT BE OPEN. It is permissible to bring your own post-match drinks and to sit outside (obeying 2 metre distancing). Please ensure you leave Jubilee Field soon after the game - at latest by 21:30 when the car park will be locked. You will need to bring your own chairs / blankets.
      • There will be lines drawn 2 metres away from. and parallel with,  the cut strip. The on-strike batsman should run on the edge of the cut strip - on the side way from the bowler. The non striker should stand and run outside the line. Remember you should always be 2 metres away from all other players and the umpires.
      •  A match fee of £5 will be charged for all players. This will not be collected on the day - rather an invoice will be sent to each player / parent at the end of the season.
      •  Training and matches will continue only as long as we are allowed and feel it is safe.
      •  At present no social events are planned. 
If you have any question please feel free to contact Chris Baughan on 01590 682906, 07749776202 or email.

ECB Summary  Guidance Chart