11th December 2015


70% of local players prefer earlier start

An earlier start to Hampshire Cricket League games was the clear preference of local players surveyed. 85% of players surveyed would prefer an earlier start time with 70% opting for 1pm - a full hour before the normal start time of 2pm.

Our survey was not very statistically scientific, however, the result was almost exactly the same as that derived from Hampshire dataset of the ECB's National Cricket Playing Survey which has been weighted to ensure that it statisitcally reflects the whole spectrum of local cricket players.

Further data from the Playing Survey from Hampshire seems to show why players prefer an early start - primarily because they prefer to finish earlier to they can have a "Saturday night" - whether going out with friends or spending more time with the family. According to the survey 79% of local players would be happy with a 7pm finish to matches.

So where might this lead?

Well the answer is that it is up to you!

Off the back of this valuable feedback from the 70,000 players surveyed over the last few years, the ECB have responded and created a League Blueprint for Open Age Weekend Cricket. This is something you will hear a lot more about over the coming months and seasons. You can read the Blueprint by clicking on the link below:

The League Blueprint Booklet

The Blueprint is a series of recommendations that leagues are being encouraged to embrace to help keep more players on the pitch, enjoy the game and get more games played. 

Of course not everyone will agree with all the suggestions - one of the joys of cricket is that it is a very broad church in terms of ages, attitudes and views on how the game should be played. Changes to timings, for example wont suit everyone but there is little doubt that if cricket is to stop and reverse the worrying decline in participation rates, changes will have to be made.

So what can you do?

Whether you think changes are needed to the cricket you play or whether you support the status quo, you need to ensure that your club committee knows how you feel. The League is a democratic organisation - it is the clubs that make & change the rules and elect officers so make sure your club's committee knows how you feel if you want them to represent their views in leagues meetings and vote for the kind of cricket you the players want to play in the future. 

There will be more surveys soon and more ideas & information from the Blueprint.